52 Week Money Challenge

This is something I heard about last year, so for 2017 I wanted to do it.

Basically the number week of the year, you put that dollar amount away. 1st week is $1, last week is $52. You’ll end up with $1378 by the end of the year.

If you want a way to save money, try this out. If you need it for an emergency, you’ll still have it in your possession.

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Buying In Bulk

One thing I prefer to do when shopping is buying in bulk. I will give a few examples later on to show the benefits of it. Expect to pay a little more upfront, but pay less in the long run. If you have a spare $50, you can go to a warehouse type stores and get a membership. There it is easy to spend hundreds of dollars without even thinking.

However, most grocery stores will have bulk items in a more reasonable size and priced packages. Not only can buying in bulk save money, it helps reduce amount of times you need to go to the store. Sounds like a win-win, ya?

So, some examples of buying in bulk would include pasta, canned foods, poultry, beef and even eggs. All of which have a decent shelf life if stored properly. One great deal to buy in bulk (actually twin pack) is Jif Peanut Butter. Instead of $6.xx for one 40oz jar, I paid $7.xx for a twin 40oz pack. I didnt need 2 at the time, but since itll last a while, I may want it later on.

Some other examples of buying in bulk are 4 cans of chef boyardee for $3.49 instead of 99 cents. Small savings can and do add up.

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Selling Unused Items

This should be an obvious one. We all buy stuff we use once or twice, then thrown in the closet. This is double times if you have young kids. Selling things on your own has become so simple. With Ebay, Craigslist or even Amazon, you can get rid of your old stuff and get a few bucks in return.

If you wait until Spring or Summer, you can put on a lawn or garage sale. If you don’t have enough to bring in crowds, try getting friends and family to add their stuff they need to unload. It will be a good time with family and you will get extra cash. Dont forget to hang signs and advertise for maximum customers.

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Making Lists

Don’t you hate going to the store and buying whatever you see? More times than not, you spend way more than you should. I am just as guilty as doing it as the next. But, the 15 minutes preparing a list is worth the money you save.

Always plan ahead for meals, especially during the holidays. Utilize the storage in your fridge/freezer so you make less trips, which can reduce the amount of money you spend. Between coupons and making a list, you can reduce your spending up to 25%.

Remember, when making lists to get things you need. If you have to stretch the few bucks you have, buying ice cream may have to take the back burner. Buying meats, milk or fruits/veggies would be best use of your money. While I have no control over what you buy, it is wise to prioritize when you’re budgeting.

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One good way to save money and get more is coupons. They are literally free. The tv show extreme couponing is a good example of saving money. Even if you clip a few coupons for each of your shopping trips, it will add up.

Be careful, coupons can get you to spend money on something dont need. If you’re on a shoestring budget, it can be tempting.

Not only in the paper, but a lot of stores will have coupons on their website to make it easier.

Never forget your coupons. It will stretch your dollar.

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Using Cash

We all have and use debit/credit cards. They are convenient, but also dangerous. A simple swipe or enter of card number and you get a product or service. It is very easy to use it and not realize how hard you have to work for that money. Trust me, I almost fell into the trap myself.

My tip for you is to trying using cash. It’ll teach you a few things. Letting cash go is harder than swiping a card. Also, if you only have x dollars, itll make you budget your money better.

That is all for today. I hope you try this tip to improve your budgeting techniques.

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Getting Started

So you want to start saving money? Maybe make your paycheck go farther? Budgeting is a commitment. To be successful, it must be done continuously, similar to losing weight. But, if you are ready, lets get started.

When you are budgeting, you need two factors: your monthly income and your monthly bills. Things like gas and food wont be the same every month. However, with planning, you set a certain amount for each. If you take a bus, you can budget easier while spending a lot less.

Now that you have your numbers, I recommend using trackeverycoin. It is a free website that helps you see where your money is going. If you enter your paychecks, your bills plus things you buy, it will show you how much you have left. Or how much you are in the red. Ive used it with great success. I still do, even though I make way more than I need for bills.

If you want to save more, planning is key. That includes what you buy for food. I will post on that another time.

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About Me

I should probably tell you a little bit about me now. I have no specialty degree around finance or accounting. Even better, I experienced it and had to survive by doing.

I live in New York, which has much higher prices on living than other places. So when I only made $11 an hour to support 2 people, 5 cats, there was not a lot of spare money. I had rent, truck payments and insurance. Plus fuel and food. Internet was optional, which we had.

On barely $1300 a month, lone money maker, it does not go far. So knowing how to budget and where to spend money when you’re on a shoestring budget. It will either make you or break you.

For the record, I was never late on a payment or a bill. I always was able to save money for holidays and maintenance for my vehicle.

So, if you want to follow me for tips on budgeting and turning a nickle into a dime, hit the follow button. I will be posting as much as I can. Feel free to ask any questions

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Hello there! I appreciate you taking time to visit my blog. I would like to take a few minutes to explain why I started this blog and what’s to come in the future.

These days, money is hard to come by. Everything is rising in price, wages are rising slower and not keeping up with the cost of living. This is where I step in to help. I am hoping to help anyone with financial problems turn it around.

So what do I plan on posting? Well, hopefully a lot. I will post up tips and tricks that Ive used successfully. Also, I will post up anything I find that is not my own thoughts to help get the idea of budgeting out there.

Thank you, again, for stopping by. If you learn anything through this blog, please pay it forward to others.

Enjoy the rest of your day,