Cable vs Streaming Services

The price of cable is absolutely overpriced. When you spend half your time watching ads of products you dont want, why continue to pay hundreds of dollars? Not to mention, in my opinion, the quality of shows now are subpar. I loved most 90s shows and now, I like less than 10.

For a mere $10 a month, I watch netflix. It has tv shows, movies and documentaries, everything cable offers. Also, if youre a prime member, you get those same type of services. Ive never used it, but they have a wide variety.

Other options are hulu. Similar to Netflix. Much more affordable than any cable service could provide.

Besides the price, theres one more benefit. You can watch what you want, for however long you want and return later. Way cheaper version of tivo or dvr. And if youve talked to Weird Al, you wont be judged based on your viewing choices.

So, if youre looking for another cost to cut, consider cable. Your shows will eventually get on a streaming service. For example, I like Blue Bloods, the Walking Dead and the Bates Motel. Sure, takes a bit to get uploaded, but no commercials either. So…the choice is yours.


Buying Used

This should be another obvious choice. Whenever you need something for your home or personal use, why not buy used? I recently bought military surplus items for camping. For what I paid, I saved 75% on brand new.

This can be a wide range of things, though. Vehicles are another good example. My very expensive truck only cost me 1/3 of the price when brand new. This is with a trade in and options (F350  lariat crew cab long bed). Between 60-70k brand new 6 years ago, still in immaculate condition and low mileage for year, its hard to beat.

Electronics are also a good way to save from a hefty price tag. With purchasing from a company of refurbished products, itll be a piece of mind. My current laptop, which is finally dying, was a refurbished over 5 years ago. Got it for less than $200 (IBM thinkpad).

This doesnt end here. Outdoor equipent, whether recreational or garden, are a great buy when going used. Small engines are very easy to maintain and cheap to fix.

Of course, there’s plenty of examples, whichever you may need. Always check listings for used items. Never know when youll find something good.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,


Online vs In-Store Shopping

With the convenience of the internet, it is easy to order something and wait for delivery. Most places will give you free shipping if you spend X amount. Depending on item, it may well be worth it. Good example and one I will repeatingly use is my 150qt coleman cooler from Amazon. That shipping would easily be half the cost of a prime membership in itself. For what its worth, I checked a few places locally for it with no success.

This brings me to another point: availability. If you need a specific item and one place is out of stock, more than likely there is another place in stock. This is a lot quicker than driving between stores and spending time in traffic. As an F350 owner, I save in gas alone.

Overweight items are one thing I prefer to buy in store. For example, for winter, I needed sand bags in the back. 6 bags of 60lbs each would be very expensive to ship. Only $30 locally was a wiser and quicker solution.

If you’re like me and work the night shift, going during daytime hours can be an inconvenience to my sleep schedule. Ordering at any hour of the day is one main reason I enjoy online shopping.

Something else, which may or may not apply to you, I buy online is firearms. Mainly for price as gun shops cost a significant amount more. Also, availability is much bigger.

There are other reasons for online vs in store, but you get the idea. Some dont mind using debit/ credit cards, some only use cash.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,


Store vs Name Brand

This is mainly about food or other groceries. However, this could be items outside that. If you want easy money savings, this is a great place to start. This is something I am very into.

From my personal experience, I can save upwards of $25 or more per trip just by buying store brand. Some things I actually prefer store name to name brand.

K cups for the Keurig are one item worth mentioning. I only pay $5 for 12 vs $8 or 9 per 12. If we buy in bulk of 6 pack, it’s only $27. Significant savings compared to name brands.

While I will say I will buy only name brand for some things (Dawn dish soap), I try for store brand products. It does show in the checkout line.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,


Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle

We live in a generation where we toss everything away. There are many things that are put into landfills that could be used for something else. Just think of everything you put into the garbage or even recyclables.

One thing I reuse religiously are grocery bags. With 5 cats, it needs a frequent cleaning. Living in close quarters, city dwelling, they are a lifesaver. Another thing are boxes. If I get a shipment from online, I will use the box for storage or use it to mail something elsewhere.

Water bottles seem to be tossed after a single use. Not so in my household. In our state water bottles can be returned for the 5 cents. We reuse the bottles so much the label comes off.

This one may be a bit unorthodox, but using milk jugs as free weights. Filled up it would only be 8lbs, but for cheap weights it can work. Just have to get creative with the usage.

Theres plenty of other options, just think twice before throwing something away.

I hope you enjoy yhe rest of your day,


Gold and Silver

I will start off by saying that I dont collect or invest in it myself. However, that is just me.

Now, if you are looking for something to invest in, this is definitely worth it. Remember the phrase “buy low, sell high”. The gold and silver markets are all over the place, so you will have to follow it closely to maximize profits.

As I stated, not my area of expertise. Just another way to make money with minimal effort.

Enjoy the rest of your day,



Amazon Prime

This is mainly for the online shoppers, such as myself. It costs $99 a year, so it is an investment. If you only buy stuff online a few times a year, it may not be worth it. Even though Prime is much more than just free shipping. They offer a similar service as Netflix, with streaming shows and movies. I’ve never used it, so I cannot comment on the quality of service.

One great positive point of Prime is Sunday delivery. I work in a USPS processing plant, but frequently see carriers out on Sunday doing Prime deliveries. I have been on the receiving end of Sunday delivery for a more important package. Convenience is definitely worth it to me.

With Amazon, there are so many items to buy, new or used, that may be prime eligible. Normally, you have to spend $35 before free shipping. With prime, you can do 1 click purchase with free shipping.

While I am a blogger for saving money, this is a way to save money if you’re online shopping. I purchased a 150 quart coleman cooler and got free shipping. That was easily worth $30 $40 to ship alone. This is just one example on how you can capitalize on investments.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,


P.S. This was not a paid endorsement by Amazon. I am a long time customer and appreciate their service.

52 Week Money Challenge

This is something I heard about last year, so for 2017 I wanted to do it.

Basically the number week of the year, you put that dollar amount away. 1st week is $1, last week is $52. You’ll end up with $1378 by the end of the year.

If you want a way to save money, try this out. If you need it for an emergency, you’ll still have it in your possession.

Enjoy the rest of your day,


Buying In Bulk

One thing I prefer to do when shopping is buying in bulk. I will give a few examples later on to show the benefits of it. Expect to pay a little more upfront, but pay less in the long run. If you have a spare $50, you can go to a warehouse type stores and get a membership. There it is easy to spend hundreds of dollars without even thinking.

However, most grocery stores will have bulk items in a more reasonable size and priced packages. Not only can buying in bulk save money, it helps reduce amount of times you need to go to the store. Sounds like a win-win, ya?

So, some examples of buying in bulk would include pasta, canned foods, poultry, beef and even eggs. All of which have a decent shelf life if stored properly. One great deal to buy in bulk (actually twin pack) is Jif Peanut Butter. Instead of $6.xx for one 40oz jar, I paid $7.xx for a twin 40oz pack. I didnt need 2 at the time, but since itll last a while, I may want it later on.

Some other examples of buying in bulk are 4 cans of chef boyardee for $3.49 instead of 99 cents. Small savings can and do add up.

Enjoy the rest of your day,


Selling Unused Items

This should be an obvious one. We all buy stuff we use once or twice, then thrown in the closet. This is double times if you have young kids. Selling things on your own has become so simple. With Ebay, Craigslist or even Amazon, you can get rid of your old stuff and get a few bucks in return.

If you wait until Spring or Summer, you can put on a lawn or garage sale. If you don’t have enough to bring in crowds, try getting friends and family to add their stuff they need to unload. It will be a good time with family and you will get extra cash. Dont forget to hang signs and advertise for maximum customers.

Enjoy the rest of your day,