Cable vs Streaming Services

The price of cable is absolutely overpriced. When you spend half your time watching ads of products you dont want, why continue to pay hundreds of dollars? Not to mention, in my opinion, the quality of shows now are subpar. I loved most 90s shows and now, I like less than 10.

For a mere $10 a month, I watch netflix. It has tv shows, movies and documentaries, everything cable offers. Also, if youre a prime member, you get those same type of services. Ive never used it, but they have a wide variety.

Other options are hulu. Similar to Netflix. Much more affordable than any cable service could provide.

Besides the price, theres one more benefit. You can watch what you want, for however long you want and return later. Way cheaper version of tivo or dvr. And if youve talked to Weird Al, you wont be judged based on your viewing choices.

So, if youre looking for another cost to cut, consider cable. Your shows will eventually get on a streaming service. For example, I like Blue Bloods, the Walking Dead and the Bates Motel. Sure, takes a bit to get uploaded, but no commercials either. So…the choice is yours.


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