Buying Used

This should be another obvious choice. Whenever you need something for your home or personal use, why not buy used? I recently bought military surplus items for camping. For what I paid, I saved 75% on brand new.

This can be a wide range of things, though. Vehicles are another good example. My very expensive truck only cost me 1/3 of the price when brand new. This is with a trade in and options (F350  lariat crew cab long bed). Between 60-70k brand new 6 years ago, still in immaculate condition and low mileage for year, its hard to beat.

Electronics are also a good way to save from a hefty price tag. With purchasing from a company of refurbished products, itll be a piece of mind. My current laptop, which is finally dying, was a refurbished over 5 years ago. Got it for less than $200 (IBM thinkpad).

This doesnt end here. Outdoor equipent, whether recreational or garden, are a great buy when going used. Small engines are very easy to maintain and cheap to fix.

Of course, there’s plenty of examples, whichever you may need. Always check listings for used items. Never know when youll find something good.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,



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