Online vs In-Store Shopping

With the convenience of the internet, it is easy to order something and wait for delivery. Most places will give you free shipping if you spend X amount. Depending on item, it may well be worth it. Good example and one I will repeatingly use is my 150qt coleman cooler from Amazon. That shipping would easily be half the cost of a prime membership in itself. For what its worth, I checked a few places locally for it with no success.

This brings me to another point: availability. If you need a specific item and one place is out of stock, more than likely there is another place in stock. This is a lot quicker than driving between stores and spending time in traffic. As an F350 owner, I save in gas alone.

Overweight items are one thing I prefer to buy in store. For example, for winter, I needed sand bags in the back. 6 bags of 60lbs each would be very expensive to ship. Only $30 locally was a wiser and quicker solution.

If you’re like me and work the night shift, going during daytime hours can be an inconvenience to my sleep schedule. Ordering at any hour of the day is one main reason I enjoy online shopping.

Something else, which may or may not apply to you, I buy online is firearms. Mainly for price as gun shops cost a significant amount more. Also, availability is much bigger.

There are other reasons for online vs in store, but you get the idea. Some dont mind using debit/ credit cards, some only use cash.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,



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