Gold and Silver

I will start off by saying that I dont collect or invest in it myself. However, that is just me.

Now, if you are looking for something to invest in, this is definitely worth it. Remember the phrase “buy low, sell high”. The gold and silver markets are all over the place, so you will have to follow it closely to maximize profits.

As I stated, not my area of expertise. Just another way to make money with minimal effort.

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Amazon Prime

This is mainly for the online shoppers, such as myself. It costs $99 a year, so it is an investment. If you only buy stuff online a few times a year, it may not be worth it. Even though Prime is much more than just free shipping. They offer a similar service as Netflix, with streaming shows and movies. I’ve never used it, so I cannot comment on the quality of service.

One great positive point of Prime is Sunday delivery. I work in a USPS processing plant, but frequently see carriers out on Sunday doing Prime deliveries. I have been on the receiving end of Sunday delivery for a more important package. Convenience is definitely worth it to me.

With Amazon, there are so many items to buy, new or used, that may be prime eligible. Normally, you have to spend $35 before free shipping. With prime, you can do 1 click purchase with free shipping.

While I am a blogger for saving money, this is a way to save money if you’re online shopping. I purchased a 150 quart coleman cooler and got free shipping. That was easily worth $30 $40 to ship alone. This is just one example on how you can capitalize on investments.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,


P.S. This was not a paid endorsement by Amazon. I am a long time customer and appreciate their service.

52 Week Money Challenge

This is something I heard about last year, so for 2017 I wanted to do it.

Basically the number week of the year, you put that dollar amount away. 1st week is $1, last week is $52. You’ll end up with $1378 by the end of the year.

If you want a way to save money, try this out. If you need it for an emergency, you’ll still have it in your possession.

Enjoy the rest of your day,